Let your customers pay with Payconiq in OrderTree

Easily let customers pay online and in your takeaway by scanning with their bank app or the Payconiq app.

What is Payconiq?

Payconiq is a Bancontact service for Belgium and the Netherlands that allows your customers to pay by scanning a QR code with the Payconiq app or with their bank app on their smartphone.
The main advantages of choosing Payconiq in your business are:

Fixed price

For Payconiq you pay 6 cents for a payment in your business.
Other digital payment solutions are usually much more expensive and sometimes a percentage of the total order amount is added.

Convenience for your customers

The Payconiq app is free and is used by many. Because you can also scan QR codes with the bank app of most banks, everyone has always their digital wallet at hand!

How can your customers pay in your business ?

You open the order in OrderTree, you press a button and present your screen with QR code to your customer.
The customer scans the code and pays.

Easy and fast, that's how it should be.

Do you want to let your customers also pay with Payconiq in OrderTree?

Do you want your customers to pay by scanning a by OrderTree generated QR code in your business?
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