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And then

The amount on your OrderTree invoice depends on the number of orders you have received or created in OrderTree that month.

Up to 100 orders per month 59 / month
Up to 200 orders per month 69 / month
Up to 300 orders per month 79 / month More than 300?
Per 100 orders per month more
+ €10 / month

NO one-time setup costs
Order website
Order platform
Mobile Pocket app
1 OrderTree user (more possible)
All functionality
Let customers pay online and in your business with Payconiq *
Stop when you wish


Can be canceled monthly by sending us an email - All prices exclusive of VAT

* We can integrate Payconiq for you free of charge so that your customers can pay in your business and online with their smartphone.
At the end of the month, you pay EUR 0.06 per order per transaction in your business and EUR 0.20 per transaction via your OrderTree ordering website.