You too?

Most takeaway services spend more than 10% of their time on talking with their customers before they made their order. 
Imagine per 10 days you gain 1 day that you can work on other (urgent) tasks or simply accept more orders and earn more money!

Solve it with OrderTree


Let your customers pickup when it fits best for them and for you

In OrderTree, setup your Opening hours and indicate how much orders you want to accept per 15mins. Your customers will, after selecting their products, select a pickup date and time depending on your opening hours and on the amount of orders you want to accept.


Descriptive products!

Provide for every product in OrderTree:

  • A clear (not too long) description with the main ingredients.
  • Allergy info
  • A side dish (if applicable)
  • A nice picture (a quick picture with your smartphone goes!)
  • A category
  • A price

The combination of both will eliminate 90% of the questions your customers could have.