The software for your takeaway
you wanted to find much earlier.

Website + Ordering software for a fixed amount per month.

done  14 days free!

Create your products

...And your categories and if you like, menu's, specials and coupons!


Let your customers order online!

Your customers can order on your website and all orders will be shown in OrderTree.


Prepare your orders in the WorkTable

OrderTree helps you in many ways to sell more, make less costs and work much more efficiently.

Everything to bring your business online without hassle and extra work.

Your new Order website

OrderTree generates your new website in minutes, you add the finishing touch and publish it with the click of a button. This way your customers can order online in all style within half an hour.


Your new ordering platform

Here you create all your products, categories, promotions and also orders yourself. Orders received through your website are displayed in the way that best suits your way of working.
With OrderTree you get total control over your online business (and your offline one) while supporting you in your day-to-day work.

More customers and orders without additional work.
OrderTree works for you 24/7.


OrderTree accepts the orders that your customers place through your order website and offers them a pick-up time within your opening hours.

At busy times, OrderTree will automatically help you by offering your customers less busy times.
In addition, you will be kept informed of new orders that you can easily follow up and complete.

OrderTree supports you by displaying the orders in the way that best suits your way of working.

Without additional work, you can easily manage your entire online business yourself.

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