Why your takeaway should be open (at least a few days) this week!
(Dec 27 - Jan 3rd)

2 mins read

1. A lot of local businesses are closed

You'll stand out!
Most local businesses are following there yearly schedule and are closed these days.
This is the perfect time to go against normalities and open your business in all its glory!

TIP: Create a nice banner, post it on Facebook and Instagram to make sure your customers will see that your takeaway is open!


2. No holidays means budget!

Let's face the facts: We're still in the COVID period and most people won't go on holidays this year.
This means they still have a budget to spend. There are not much possibilities out there and, since it's the holidays period, people still want a nice time with their family and what's better than a nice meal together.


3. It is a great occasion to attract new customers.

Does your business have a hard time to attract new customers, maybe because you have a not-so-typical menu? Is your business just starting?
This is a good time to target new customers since potential customers are limited and probably more open than other times.
Tip: Post a banner which clearly states your business is open on Facebook groups of your city.
If that doesn't show a lot of impact, try to promote the post just for your city.
+ Clearly mention the url of your OrderTree website!

4. Extra money, cost efficient, with OrderTree.

If you have people working for you but they took holidays, you can think about opening yourself without them.
This would be a great cost efficient solution.
With OrderTree by your side, it's also a good excercise to see how much orders you could handle alone.

Tip: Put in OrderTree your Maximum amount of orders to 1 or 2.
This way, per pickup time, you'll receive maximum 2 online orders. Increase or decrease depending on how confident you are ;-) .


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